Forgotten Australians

The aim of the Forgotten Australians Justice Committee is to locate restore and honor the unmarked grave sites of all those who lived in children’s homes and orphanages throughout Australia and the Commonwealth, & are known to be buried on those sites.

There are many sites around Australia and in the Commonwealth where we understand long forgotten unmarked graves of children rest. The F.A.J.C’s mission is to locate these sites as a mark of respect for our brothers and sisters, never to be forgotten again.


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‘St Joseph's Home’

This stone and plaque lay on the first F.A.J.C project of identifying & honoring unmarked graves of children who died while living in a children’s home. The F.A.J.C will endeavor to honor all identified sites in Australia and throughout the Commonwealth in the same way and are to be known as, ‘The F.A.J.C. children’s gardens’.

The F.A.J.C Journey Continues...


As the lights turn on one by one, a glow sparkle’s in the tears of a quiet few
and a smile finally shines from a forgotten past. At last they cry, for hearts
have spoke on our behalf, our bond did never die.